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    What Is S.K. Nord Fields?

    S.K. Nord Fields is an outdoor space built with generosity and community effort so that kids can come together to play, be inspired, and involved in sports.

    In 1995, S.K. Nord Fields developed from a 34-acre parcel of farmland owned by Dr. Stanley K. Nord and his family. Dr. Nord grew up on this farm and his family continues to farm in the area today. With Nord's initial investment of $5,000, farm ground transformed from cropland into a grassy field so kids would have a suitable place for playing sports.

    Others from the community helped with this project. David Stark, owner of Stark Excavating Inc., donated earth moving equipment to create the playing surface. Ed Lee of Palatine’s Summit Seed Co. supplied blue grass seed. Mike Smith volunteered his time to plant the seed. Mike Hilgenbrink contributed time for soil testing. And Warren Elgin of Danvers provided the fertilizing.

    Dr. Harold Nord was also instrumental in leading the early efforts of the Nord Family in developing, mowing, and maintenance of the fields for years along with many other family members. Everyone’s combined generosity and time was truly a community effort to help make this project come to life and have continuous viability.

    Twenty-five years later, S.K. Nord Fields is still one of the finest outdoor sports complexes in the Bloomington-Normal area. S.K. Nord Fields has been and continues to be the home of the Millennium Futbol Club. The Millennium Futbol Club has kept the same community effort going in maintaining and improving the facility over the years. Now the Bloomington-Normal Warriors Lacrosse Club joins them in calling S.K. Nord Fields home, too.

    The names of volunteers and business donating their time and services have changed over time. But the spirit of the community uniting kids and adults together to play sports has not. S.K. Nord Fields will continue to offer an outdoor space where sporting dreams can come true for years to come.

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